About Us

We are Sudden Black. A London based indy production house creating short form drama, commercial, fashion, promo and digital content. We share a passion for visual storytelling and connecting with audiences in unique ways. Drop by for a chat or give us a call to see how we can work together.


Sudden Black are an all encompassing production house. Don’t think of us as a regular production company. Our team of creatives work tirelessly to develop bespoke digital strategies & rich media across all areas of production.

We can help engage your audience across digital content, fashion, film, broadcast & social mediums. Drawing from a diverse range of collective experience we develop rich content, bringing your vision to life & connecting with your audience in profound ways. We work closely with you throughout the entire creative process from conception to post production & delivery. We also supply industry professionals for whatever your needs may be, ranging from full crews to solo editors & technicians.

Get in touch to discuss your project and see what we can do for you.

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